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Been a while since I posted.  Mmm, idea:  Vaguely obscure manga I follow. Right;

(Bold = completed)  (Italicized = oneshot) (* = mostly hetero.  Mostly.)

1.  Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan*   - Furudate Haruichi (read prequel oneshot also)  

[this is a horror btw.  But a good one, creepy but not too gory.  Had potential but was cancelled just when it was getting good.  I hate you, ShounenJump..  
Centers round a school with its very own living horror legend - Yotsuya Senpai, the enigmatic never-graduating student who mooches the rooftop and is ever in search of new horror stories, and his reluctant client-turned-assistant Makoto.  The school must have seriously bad fengshui or something, the occurrence of nuttiness among the student population is a bit alarming, especially since it isn't at all that obvious at first lol.]

2.  Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service*  -  Otsuka Eiji, Yamazaki Housui 

[ Horror.  And creepier, and gorier.  More mature, yet more wack-out-funny.  Yep.  Seems stuck at a flashback scene though, I don't know it it's the mangaka or the scanlator..  Has a cast of misfits who wind up trying to get money from corpses - you'll never quite look at Buddhist schools the same way again...]

3.  Hourou Musoku* - Takako Shimura

[ Children's gender confusion.  Doesn't help that they actually do suit the opposite gender quite a bit.  Cute, and kinda realistic.  Not to mention nostalgic.. No, I DON'T crossdress in my childhood.  It's just kind of reminds me of some of my kiddie friendships..]

4.  After School Nightmare  - Mizushiro Setona

[I'm actually not sure if this is a shoujo, shounenai, or yuri... @_@  Again, a horror.  Oh dear.  But it's a lot more sentimental than the other two..]

5. Emerald* - Samura Hiroaki   

[Set in the Wild Wild West, a lady shows that she's got the guts and the brains to beat the gun-wielding bandits.  Maybe not a lot of action, but it's got a good storytelling vibe and a great twist.   And guns.  Awesome.]

6. Black Cat Tunnel* - Buchi Keiko  

[ A boy chases his sister's cat through a tunnel.  And ends up a little further than he expected.. in time.  A story of regrets and second chances.]

7.  Usagi Drop*  - Yumi Unita

[Thirty year old Daikichi ends up taking care of a little girl who isn't only NOT his kid - but is actually the illegitimate daughter of his late grandpa!  Story is quite adorable, what with Daikichi having to settle into fatherhood, all of a sudden and Rin's transition from silence into adorableness :3  Again, very slice of life -ish, cute moments, bitterweet times etc. and we follow the two from kindergarten to high school.  I prefered Rin as a kid though >_< She blossomed as she grew up but still.. It was kind of omg she's so tall and not baby-like now, when they jumped to high school.  Haha]

...I'm getting lazy, I'll just post mangaka from here on..

8.  Nakamura Asumiko  (read I Am A Piano*,  Coponicus no Kokyuu , Minna KiraKira* , The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl*  , Till Dawn*  .. You can try Double Mints if you like, the premise was interesting, if not the whole thing..) 

[ Asumiko's art is lovely, with mannequin-like characters, and flowy, curvy lines..  Plus the stories can be quietly heartbreaking, or outright creepy.  Coponicus no Kokyuu and Double Mints are more mature erm, meaning it's.. more sensually graphic..?  Just to warn.  But she's capable of sweet humour too, oddly enough - read Minna KiraKira and Long Along Longing for that.]

9. Yoneda Kou  (read Doushitemo Furetakunai , and her KHR doujins, Hinemosu Kimi ni Ubawareru  and  Mr. & Mr. Hitman? . lol) 

[Mellow, sort of slice-of-life, and her pairings kind of go nicely together somehow.  It's a sort of 'opposites attract' thing yet there's real feelings there..  Er, I can't quite explain but it's sweet yet realistic and you just kind of wish them all the best after reading.  And guys actually look like guys. :o XD  These few I've picked are the.. safer ones.  The rest of her works seem more.. frustrated. :S and yaoi.  In any case I want to colour some of her panels..]

10. Yumeka Sumomo (read Kokoro Kikai , Kon No Ki Konoha* , Unforgettable Language* , Chou Ni Naru Hi )

[Yumeka isn't very consistently good in plotlines, but she/he has a certain style in storytelling..  It's gentle and mellow, and her characters' poses and movements seem to depict the emotions quite well.  Her lineart and shading is also rather clean.  I'm so gonna wall 'em. :> )

Mmm, I can't remember the rest, if there are any.  Maybe..  Hoshino Lily?  I only liked one of her works, Harem de Hitori , it was both graphically and plotwise superior to her other stuff, at least those I could find.  It's so sweet and sad though that my mind feels a bit soft after reading that. >_<  But, better than her normal master-slave-torture pairings, for sure.

And there's also Until Death Do Us Part, but I don't think it's all that obscure now. :3  Read awesome pimp at Metisket's.  It will do much more justice than what I can say..

Right, that's it, I guess.  Hopefully someone else reads like me..?

P.S. Would be nice if someone picked some of these series and prompted me a post or something. :)
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