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This week, said my goodbyes and see you to warm, warm Malaysia and travelled back to uni.  And consequently, a new house.

The word 'new' strains its definition a bit.  ah heh heh.

I'm not sure if it's my new, 'suddenly-the-world-is-loud-faith-in-doctors-restored' hearing - but the background noise in this neighbourhood.

Cars moving in and out, rustles and creaking from next door, knocking doors from idk where (how many times have I got up to check the door already?).  People talking and complaining, not realising that open window --> people outside and/or downstairs can hear them.  Happy drunks singing, staggering home in what sounds like a mass sling-shoulders-around-each-other, "I'm so hap-py you're here, mate", impromptu carol group.  Not-so-happy drunks swearing at having to walk up hills, dat house, dat car.  Cars rolling up in a swaggering, bopping rythm, stereos blasting.    

It could be the thin walls.  Or it could be my ears. xD Just tonight, just the sound of oil sizzling then popping gleefully was already enough to make my ears ring.  lol

I wonder how much noise could be heard from my room?  Housemate #1 says it sounds too quiet, but then she left her window open too the other day so how to judge.

Other house-related news:  Just the other day, very nearly did the split of hilarity (and pain), courtesy of a wet patch on the bathroom floor.  Swear it's there nearly all the time, but like invisible from the entrance.  Growing and shrinking, and smirking upwards.  It's 'the eternal puddle' in my head now.  lol 

H #3 is keeping her drying laundry in my room.  Hope this doesn't happen too often because I'm cold and coughing + damp = more coughing?

There's more 'funny' in this house that I don't really feel like going into because depress  but;

Well, there's been at least one afternoon of blue sky and fresh (but not cutting) breeze.  And if I put on some rose-tinted glasses, this place could be interesting and a new experience. LOL

House-rant done!

P.S. I just really wanted to let out some steam for a bit.  I don't know how I ended up in a house where everyone else has dates to go out with/better things to do.  But.  It's a quiet household, for a not-so-quiet house (and neighbourhood).

Also, this was going to be longer with silliness over family-tv-times, and my sis and I rewatching Sesame Street and being giggly over the humour that we no-longer-kids(?) now understand, and the drama of ears that first go deaf then deafer and their journey to restoration, and  how it can get so bright and hot in a certain seaside city in Malaysia that there are shimmering mirages on the road, and how shockingly adorable my cousin's voice has become, and how my relatives' place smells eternally and strangely reassuring of light dust, chinese spices and contrasting coolness to the heat outside and -

But then just writing it out like that already makes me miss Malaysia, sun and my family even more. ;_;

P.P.S. Also, Livejournal, what are you doing to the cuts? lol ....Given how personal this entry is, wonder if it's ok to make it public. ah well *tosses it out there*

Date: 2011-09-26 05:48 pm (UTC)
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I hate noisy places. I'm a quiet freak. When I get bad neighbors I rail at the world!


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