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But, really, what happened? *Slightly bewildered*

I just popped in for a bit, and looks like I've GOT to read that LJ announcement after all, lol. Meh

LJ, you've got new clothes? :/
Well, at least you don't look as confusing and hide-and-seek-ish as Gmail's new look- Oh wait, *hovers over comments in the thread* ah that's kinda usefu- *clicks a check* wha- poppy out thing DD8 .... Ah whatevers, this still is less crazy than Gmail's. And ooh, Cross-posting yay.

But... Will there be an official release on what's happened to LJ, or do I have to go exploring these new lands on my own to find out? ^^; Ah adventure. >_>

No Subject Lines, which isn't completely detrimental to LJ-ing, but... Well, subject lines are useful in long, long threads where from reading titles of unexpanded threads, you can distinguish which are the 'On-topic' and which are the 'off-topic' gushes of fandom squeals of "ANON, I LOVE YOU *SHOUTS SWEET NOTHINGS ACROSS THE NET*"/trololol/srs bsns documentary comments. Er, yes I am looking at you, kinkmemes. ʘ‿ʘ Apparently, wiki says this is an innocent smile. Er ok.

Is your font bigger than usual..? For some reason, your sleek look with the new font and extra spacing, kind of scares me... Oh wait, I remember why. Because I'm going to have to read text blocks of this in blogs and fanfiction and whatnot on LJ, and I don't know, this is personal but font affects the way I read it in my head sometimes xDD. Not sure why, but in this font, everyone sounds whinier in my head. xD

Lol, I can live with this because it isn't as annoying than some of Google's new stuff, but is there an off/customise option anywhere? :3

P.S. Sorry for being off-contact, some of my LJ-Buddies. Been travelling back to Asia for the hols, and now on study break.

I still want to do my fandom/beta/art stuff but sometimes, I really am busy or in the sort of stressed, head-not-quite-screwed-right mood where I know I'll miss a million things in my beta, which would suck for you...
Of those 'stuff', my current priority is finishing up my 3 entries for MT contests.

However! If there are things you really want my attention with, let me know.

P.P.S. When the page layout doesn't fully layout because of the slow net, this edit page box is flipping one-line tall. lol.
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Stole book meme from [ profile] darthtofu (and found out how to link LJ users here.  So slow, Aozo, so SLOW)
Bold = read ; Italic = Wanna read ; Underline = halfway/abandoned/reading

omg so many books *__* pfft )

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 Just here to show this;
Happy early Birthday, Tofu. :)
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Mmm, lists.
Time to make an inventory of all the mini-projects/works/fun I'm involved in. yay

Click for randomness.. )
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 Exams coming up in about 2 weeks... I really should start feeling the rush whoo yeah >_>

Made 2 new walls + coloured 2 manga pages.  Oh the irony.


Dec. 14th, 2010 07:16 pm
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Found this ...something I scribbled at 7 December, 8:52am.  Yes, apparently I had even dated it.  Hmm

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